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Pitsford School
Pitsford School
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Pitsford Hall, Moulton Road, Pitsford, Northampton
01604 880306
Kits (pre-school, ages 3-4): £ 1,816- £ 2,925 Junior School: £ 2,917- £ 4,731 Years 7 -13 (ages 11-18 yrs): £5,061 Fees Extras School Lunches: £304.00 Deposit: £600.00 Family Discount Where there is already an older brother or sister attending Pitsford School, the following sibling discount off tuition fees is offered: Second Child: 5% Third Child: 10% Fourth Child: 25%
Mrs. Octavia Smallwood, Registrar – registrar@pitsfordschool.com

Pitsford School was founded in 1989 to be an affordable and excellent independent day school for boys, serving the county of Northamptonshire and beyond. Since then, it has remained true to its founding mission, but has added girls and a Junior School.

Although housed in magnificent historic buildings and boasting new, state-of-the-art facilities, Pitsford School is the relationships that are built within it; the bricks and mortar, lovely though they are, are just a shell for the real school which is the interactions between of all its members. This means that our school is made new every morning.

Warm, friendly, humane and human, our students and staff work together in an open, energetic and creative way. At Pitsford there is no division between the pastoral and the academic as we educate the whole child, to ensure that they are known, valued for who they are, safe and happy.

Our students are supported to create meaning in their lives and to build connexions of integrity, substance and permanence with those around them, adults and children, and to find their purpose which will inform and guide the story of their lives.

Unashamedly committed to our students securing the best possible grades, we offer a rigorous curriculum which is designed to inspire a love of learning and equip our students to pursue the courses and careers that their talents and passions dictate. More than that, we create curious, committed learners who have the knowledge and skills to excel in their studies, and the confidence, judgement and experience to embrace challenge and change.

Pitsford School is a genuine community where parents are included and play an active and dialogic role in their child’s education and they are welcomed into the school formally and informally. Pitsford School is outward-looking and relishes its place in thevillage of Pitsford and the county of Northamptonshire, looking to collaborate with our neighbours and friends, encouraging the use of our facilities and grounds, building a future together.

Compared to some schools we are relatively new and we love this: not bound by out-of-date traditions, we exist in the present, experiencing the now, authoring our own story and embracing the future, where the greatest days of the school and our students will be lived.

School Head:
Dr. Craig Walker
A Level Results 2018 Nearly half of A Levels were grades A*- B 62% of our pupils were successful in securing a place at a Russell Group University and 100% of pupils went onto the course of their choice, including higher apprenticeships 10% of the cohort went on to study at Oxbridge. Extended Project Qualification 67% of pupils gained A*- B in their extended project qualification. This is an independent research qualification that has led to a number of pupils having their UCAS offers lowered significantly as a result of their excellent grades and demonstration of independent learning. GCSE Results 2018 Our pupils achieved 81% of GCSEs at Grades 9-4 Over a quarter of GCSEs were at Grades 9-7 84% of pupils gained 5 or more Grades 9-4 This number reflects that some of our overseas pupils did not take a full quota of GCSE exams.
Drama: We stage a number of productions every year including an ambitious whole school musical. Previous performances have included Grease, Les Miserables and The Sound of Music. Many of our pupils stretch their talents even further by joining external drama groups. English Speaking Board (ESB) lessons encourage pupils to develop communication and presentation skills through sharing interests and hobbies within a relaxed and friendly group. Pupils regularly take school assemblies, addressing the whole school community. Music Tuition: In addition to an already busy Music department a team of dedicated specialist visiting teachers provide vocal and instrumental tuition for pupils. This includes all orchestral instruments, together with guitar, piano, organ and percussion. A number of practice and ensemble rooms are available for use by pupils. Ensembles rehearse every week and perform a wide range of music. Our large and superb school choir performs at most school events in a variety of styles including sacred, gospel and jazz. All pupils have a wide range of performance opportunities including a weekly lunchtime concert programme, regular evening concerts and competitions. In recent years, our musicians have toured to Tuscany, Paris and Venice. Art :We are a creative school and at the heart of this is our vibrant Art department where students’ technical competencies in drawing and sculpture are developed and their ambitions and imaginations are given free rein. Every year we hold an exhibition of their work which never fails to impress those visiting.
Everyone takes part in sport and we aim to encourage each individual to find enjoyment in physical activity and to develop his or her potential. Some will achieve excellence and everyone will have fun and stay healthy. Team sports encourage a range of skills that can be taken on into later life: self-discipline, teamwork and resilience. Many of our pupils compete at county and even national level; many go on to play in teams at their universities and a large proportion of our current pupils play for local, district or county clubs. Dedicated games afternoons focus on our main team sports: Rugby, Football and Cricket for boys and Netball and Rounders for girls. Fixtures are played in all sports against local independent and state schools. Other sports include Cross-Country Running, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis, Sailing, Horse Riding and even adventurous activities such as Climbing or Kayaking.
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