Record 21 Scholarships and Awards for  Highfield and Brookham Children

19 pupils from Highfield and Brookham School have been awarded a total of 21 scholarships and awards to their chosen senior schools this academic year, setting a new school record.

The 21 scholarships and awards achieved, including five Year 6 11+ awards, are to a huge range of senior schools including, but not limited to: Canford, Gordonstoun, Seaford, Cranleigh, Portsmouth Grammar School, Charterhouse, King’s Canterbury, Wellington, and Harrow and range from the academic to the arts, including the school’s first ever dance scholarship. Additionally, all children sitting academic scholarship received Common Entrance exemption to top schools such as Winchester, Marlborough and Cheltenham Ladies’College, to name but three.

The scholarship programme at Highfield and Brookham, which has a fantastic record of success, is unique in that the school takes children with a wide range of ability and really seeks to get the very best from each individual. The fact that 19 children (just under a third of the year group) have been awarded some type of scholarship is testament to this.

All those sitting academic scholarship embark upon a journey, which at times is hard, challenging, stressful and full of joy, sometimes all at the same time. These children are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for their age. The most important thing is that every single one of the academic scholars grows intellectually and emotionally. They leave the programme more confident, resilient and ready to take on any challenge that awaits them at senior school.

Phillip Evitt, Headmaster, says “We are committed to supporting and promoting the interests of candidates for academic scholarships and other open awards available to pupils at their chosen senior schools. The 76 scholarships and awards won by Highfieldians over the past five years reflect the breadth and range of our pupils’ strengths and provide a strong endorsement of the quality of teaching and learning at the school. Our Head of Scholars, Jane Hamilton, has worked tirelessly to achieve a fantastic record number of scholarships this year and the way she brought the academic scholarship group together to work as a team was quite something.”

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