Brentwood Cadets Show Their Mettle

26thMarch 2019: Congratulations to Royal Navy Cadets, CPO Cameron Lindsay and CPO Jack Warman, who took on the challenge of the Royal Marines Commando ‘Look at Life Course’…. and survived!

The week-long course, at Lympstone’s Commando Training Centre in Devon, is billed as ‘the hardest course a cadet can attempt and gave both boys a great insight into life as a Marine.

Despite the very rigorous physical challenges, including taking on the infamous endurance course, both boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So much so that Cameron is giving some very serious thought to a career in the Royal Marines.

Read his account here:

“Jack and I decided to do the course as we needed to do a residential for our Gold DofE and, after looking online, we found this course which was described as ‘the hardest course a cadet can attempt’. We decided to do it, especially because we would not be able to do it once we have left school, due to it not being open to the public.

“We travelled down to Lympstone Commando, in Exeter, the base at which they train all of the Royal Marines. We were issued our kit and shown to our rooms ‘grotts’. Of the 27 people on the course, 24 were all aspiring marines who had been entered on the course by their recruitment officer.

“We completed the four main parts of the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC) and these included:

  • The endurance course, which is a 2-mile obstacle course involving black out tunnels, wading through lakes and the infamous sheep dip (a submerged underwater tunnel filled with freezing rainwater)

  • The PRMC fitness test: A bleep test where the pass mark is 10.5 (I scored 11.6; Jack scored 11.1); Press up test; Sit up test and Pull up test

  • The 3-mile run, the first 1.5 miles is done as a squad in 12 minutes and the last 1.5 miles is done as an individual best effort where the pass time is 10 minutes 30 seconds (I passed and took 10:21)

  • The famous ‘bottom field’ assault course, which is a mile-long assault course with obstacles including a 7ft wall, 5ft wall, monkey bars over water, tunnels, a 12ft wall and many more. (Pass time is 4 minutes, Jack scored 4:15; I scored 4:16)

  • We also attempted the regain tank, which is a tank of cold water, with ropes over it. We had to crawl out on the rope, and attempt to hang down with our arms extended and then proceed to get back on the rope

  • We also spent a day in the field, and learnt how to erect bivvys(tents) and ate rations before getting a lesson on Camo, concealment and stalking.

The course was a great experience for both of us and although it was one of the hardest things we have done, we both enjoyed it and made some great friends. It has also resulted in me wanting to sign up to the marines after I finish my university degree.”