Discovery Festival – Warwick School

Warwick School’s inaugural ‘Discovery Festival’ was a storming success, with the completion of the kraken monster, just one of the many highlights. Recognising the importance of creativity, every boy had the opportunity to experience workshops and activities.

Warwick Junior School had a ‘Big Draw’ in their playground, producing portraits of themselves; they enjoyed mask making, drumming workshops, instrument making and learning about willow sculpture, making teeth for the kraken monster.

The Senior School pupils had some amazing opportunities too, with residenciesfrom Birmingham Conservatoire, dance company Motionhouseand Two Circles Design.

Boys have learnt how to create music using sounds, html coding and voice. They have used the ‘Woofyt’ an amazing home-made musical instrument of wood and pipes, with valves and bellows. They have learnt that dancing is much more than it may appear on the surface and that core strength and physicality plays an important role. Two Circles Design have facilitated the most amazing kraken sea monsterwhich all the boys have thoroughly enjoyed creatingout of willow. It has grown progressively during the week and was unveiled on Saturday and enjoyed by the whole community.

Saturday’s finale was a dayfullof music, art, danceand drama across the school campus. There were drama performances from Warwick School boysincluding Lock Downand The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Music was playedduring the day from the Foundation Symphony Orchestra, The Wind Band, JazzBand and a Year 7 music concertwhich is the culmination of a music scheme whereby all of the boys learn to play a musical instrument throughout their first year at Warwick.

Motionhouseperformed ‘Underground’, an interesting insight as to what it may feel like to have your personal space invaded in an underground carriage.

Mike Perry, Director of Drama at Warwick School said “The arts team can all be very proud of the discoveries that were made by the Warwick School community last week. The months of planning paid off brilliantly and the challenges ignited powerful new skills and passions in many of the boys.”

The spirit of adventure was truly on show in this first Discovery Festival, which Warwick School anticipate to become a biennial event.