Ship Ahoy!

With the installation of a boat,Warwick School has launched its inaugural‘DiscoveryFestival’.About as far away from the sea as you can get the boat will be at the helm of the festivaland promises to turn a few heads.

The theme for this first year is aptly ‘Discovery’, encompassing the spirit of adventure to try something new. There will be the opportunity to experience new theatre, visual art, music, dance and much more, week commencing 1 July, 2018.

 James Ramsay, Head of Art at Warwick School commented, “The boat, which is a Falmouth Pilot model from the 1960s,sourced from a dock on the south coast, arrived on a 40ft lorryback in May. Weighing in at 6 tonnes the boat had to be sunk 4 feetinto the ground and so a trench was dug to accommodate its hull. The remaining earth was then piled intothe cavities underneath and next to the hull on the surface to emulatelapping water.”

 The boys at Warwick School are incredibly excited about this installation and being let loose to create a kraken, a legendary sea monster that willemerge up outof the ground to grab the boat. The students will be taught how to work with willow as a sculpture medium by visiting Artists,Mark and Rebecca Ford from ‘Two Circles Design’. They will facilitate the installation but the work will be created by the boys in a number of workshops across the week,to whicheveryone will havethe opportunity to contribute.

 Mark and Rebecca said “We are extremely excited with this forthcoming project, in bringing ancient traditions and sculptural techniques of willow craft to the students at WarwickSchool. Although some of the material is supplied from growers in Somerset much has been harvested by ourselves in the Sussex countryside. Art has the power to change the way we view the world and it questions our role within it.”